A girl tilting her head back in a cold shower.

Sauna Then Cold Shower: Are Abrupt Temp Shifts Healthy?

Most people already know by now that saunas and steam rooms are healthy. They extend lifespan, boost immunity, and more. But is going straight from a sauna into an ice cold shower your best bet? Intuitively you may think yes, but here’s what the…
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Top view of plant-based protein foods including beans, nuts, seeds, and more.

12 Epic Plant-Based Sources of Complete Protein

If you’re vegan or thinking about going vegan and worried about protein, you’ll be happy to hear it’s not a thing. Studies show that vegans not only get enough protein, they get ‘more’ than enough.
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Two heaping bowls of porridge and fresh fruit.

Healthy Porridge Recipe With Oats, Buckwheat, Flax

Back in the day when I was running six miles before dawn seven days a week and needed to ramp up, this is the porridge recipe that rocked my jam. It’s not only one of the best vegan breakfast ideas ever, it has four…
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Yummy avocado smoothie surrounded by avocados.

Delicious Avocado Smoothie Recipe: Organic, Dairy-Free

There’s nothing like an avocado smoothie to make my day, and I can’t think of a better way to double down on all the rich phytochemicals and antioxidants in avocados than with this thick, creamy avocado smoothie recipe. With fatty acids for your skin,…
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Delicious seasoned potato wedges in a cast iron pan.

Potato Wedges Recipe For Oven And Pan Fried Potatoes

If you’re into rocking the most nutritious potato wedges recipe ever, you’ll want to use organic, unpeeled, twice-baked potatoes. Studies have shown that cooking, cooling, and reheating potatoes boosts nutrients. Reds and purples are also more nutrient-dense. 
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Girl in yoga posture by tray of healthy raw foods.

Highest Vibrational Foods: What They Are, Why They Rock

The highest vibrational foods are packed with phenols, phytochemicals, antioxidants in plants. But one of the primary features of a sensationally high vibrational food is ‘biogenesis.’ It rocks more frequencies than most foods can.
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Heaping bowl of turmeric powder surrounded by turmeric roots and slices.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric: Nature’s Powerhouse

So when it comes to the health benefits of turmeric, I can talk the talk. That’s because I’ve been walking the walk with this amazing antioxidant for over 30 years and watched it slam muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, severe arthritis pain, inflammation, high…
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Closeup of breakfast bowl on a girl's lap with porridge and fruit.

Healthiest Vegan Diet: 5 Key Tips For Plant-Based Eating

When it comes to the healthiest vegan diet, it’s important to note that there’s a big difference between ditching animal products and also eating the healthiest vegan diet ever. They can be worlds apart. Optimization occurs when the body reaches a high level of…
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Two almond butter smoothies with fresh almonds and banana.

Almond Butter Smoothie: Rich, Vegan, Easy to Make

One of the best ways to stack protein, lose weight, and enjoy a rich, delicious treat at the same time, is with this almond butter smoothie recipe made from scratch. It’s got essential amino acids, dietary fiber, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E. It’s also one…
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Huge jar and spoons of loaded homemade granola on a board.

Healthy Granola Recipe: Easy Homemade Vegan Granola

There’s nothing like a great granola. And a great granola comes from a great granola recipe. Well this one’s loaded! It’s got succulent maple, nuts and seeds, antioxidant-rich fruit, flaky coconut, and a whole lot of cinnamon spice. It’s also a great source of…
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A tin of plump ripe blueberries on a rustic wooden bench.

Are Blueberries Good For You? Better Than You Might Think!

Blueberries are one of nature’s healthiest fruits. They’re packed with antioxidants. They reduce inflammation, fight oxidative stress, help mitigate disease, and more. They’re also a go-to for ‘brain power’ fuel and protecting the vessels of your heart. And when it comes to digestion, they…
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A huge loaded salad and bowl of homemade soup.

Health Benefits of A Vegan Diet with Vegan Diet Plan

An organic vegan diet is loaded with benefits for optimal health and longevity. It’s a rich source of fiber and powerful phytochemicals that boost every organ and system. It curbs inflammation, fights oxidative stress, helps mitigate disease, and more. It’s also benevolent and mindful…
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Glass of wheatgrass juice and leaf bundles.

Wheatgrass Benefits: 10 Solid Reasons To Give it a ‘Shot’

When it comes to wheatgrass benefits, Viktoras Kulvinskas said this: “Wheatgrass juice is the nectar of rejuvenation, the plasma of youth, the blood of all life. The elements that are missing in your body’s cells—especially enzymes, vitamins, hormones, and nucleic acids can be obtained…
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An empty plate and spoon beside a cup of tea present the benefits of fasting.

Fasting Benefits For Health, Weight Loss, Longevity

Fasting benefits and the health benefits of fasting have become well known. Studies have shown that fasting can boost heart-health, gut-health, brain-health, and longevity. It’s a go-to for weight loss, disease mitigation, and mental health. And for some folks, including researchers, a way of…
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Towering stack of delicious vegan pancakes with fruit and syrup.

Healthy Homemade Vegan Pancakes Recipe, Gluten-Free

One of the best things about this vegan pancakes recipe on top of all its rich phytochemicals and antioxidants, is fiber. Studies have linked food high in fiber to a decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and more. They’re also high in GABA, vitamin…
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A large array of healthy vegan foods on a board.

Benefits of A Vegan Diet: Five Epic Reasons to Go All In

The benefits of a vegan diet are becoming well known. Vegans have healthier weights, reduced disease risk, and eat more fiber. They also obtain more antioxidants and phytochemicals from plants. In fact studies have shown that as a dietary group, vegans rock. And when…
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Tons of healthy fruits & vegetables spilling out of a bag display foods high in fiber.

25 High Fiber Foods For Health, Weight Loss, Longevity

A high-fiber diet packed with both kinds of fiber is a powerhouse ticket to health. However studies have shown that only a fraction of folks come anywhere ‘near’ the daily fiber they need, which is exactly why I’m rocking a list.
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Girl holding up a bowl of vegan granola.

Veganism: A High-Fiber Biologically Optimal Jam

There are powerful reasons to rock a vegan diet, and not just because it’s healthy. It’s kind to the animals, kind to Earth, and spiritually, wholesomely grounding. It’s a high-fiber, gut-healthy, nutrient-dense plan that aligns with the currents of nature. And if you think…
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Top view of high vibration foods, herbs, and wildflowers.

High Vibration Meal Plan with Vegan Recipes, Easy Guide

When it comes to a high vibration meal plan that boosts health, longevity, weight loss, and more, it’s all about plants. It’s also about the biogenesis of raw living foods. Studies have shown that plant-based foods produce more energy overall.
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Lovely fresh-faced girl wearing a crown of flowers and clean makeup.

20 Clean Beauty & Makeup Brands Rocking Non-Toxic

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to rock clean beauty brands, not to mention Earth-friendly, ethically made, and chemical-free. And especially with these 20 clean makeup brands that are not only safe to use, they’re nutrient-dense.
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