Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat Porridge Recipe: Vegan, GF

Top view of rich Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat porridge in a bowl stacked with berries and nuts and surrounded by almonds, granola, blueberries, and maple syrup.
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When it comes to breakfast ideas, this Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat porridge recipe is the jam. It rocks slews of healthy nutrients and more.

Porridge is one of the best breakfast ideas ever, and especially with Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat (HTB) onboard. It’s a key ingredient in my homemade recipes these days because it literally boosts everything.

It’s packs vitamins, minerals, flavonols, fiber, boatloads of prebiotics. It also rocks a rare molecular compound called 2-HOBA that rejuvenates cells.

Along with amaranth, oats, chia, and flax, it rocks a heart-healthy, gut-healthy, high-protein meal.

You can get the flour on Amazon here.

This recipe is organic, vegan, and gluten-free.

Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat Porridge Recipe

Two stacked bowls of Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat porridge topped with nuts and dried fruit beside a large cast iron pot and raisins, apricots, oats on a picnic table.
Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat porridge is rich.

Here are the gluten-free grains you can add to porridge:

You can also slow cook it overnight.

HTB Porridge Ingredients

  • HTB flour.   
  • Rolled oats.
  • Amaranth.
  • Flax meal.
  • Chia seeds.
  • Plant milk.
  • Earth Balance.
  • Date sugar.
  • Stevia.
  • Pink salt.
  • Vanilla extract.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Fresh fruit.
  • Maple syrup.
  • Pumpkin pie spice.
  • Filtered water.

Vegan HTB Porridge Recipe

Top view of Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat porridge in a bowl topped with peaches and surrounded by whole apples, unshelled nuts, and cinnamon sticks on a gray platform.
Organic porridge is high-fiber and nutrient-dense.

I’m not a fan of processed sugars, which is why I use stevia, date sugar, and occasionally molasses and maple syrup in recipes.

I also add French vanilla HTB Rejuvenate Superfood to this recipe to boost nutrients.

Top view of rich Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat porridge in a bowl stacked with berries and nuts and surrounded by almonds, granola, blueberries, and maple syrup.

Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat Porridge Recipe

This recipe is organic, vegan, and gluten-free.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Breakfast, Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 160 kcal



  • Prep your favorite toppings, mix in a bowl and set aside (fruits, nuts, seeds, etc).
  • Bring water to a boil in a saucepan.
  • Add all ingredients except toppings, spices, extract, maple syrup, vegan butter, and milk.
  • Reduce heat and simmer for about 10 minutes, stirring frequently.
  • Cook to desired consistency.
  • Remove from heat and stir in remaining ingredients.
  • Scoop into bowls and add toppings.


Calories: 160kcal
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