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Best Vegan Gluten-Free Appetizers & Finger Foods

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If you’re looking for the best vegan appetizers yet, these healthy gluten-free recipes have your jam. They rock mouthwateringly delicious plant-based foods.

These delicious vegan appetizers are great for parties, get-togethers, family pizza night, big events. They pack boatloads of essential nutrients into finger foods.

In fact one of the reasons I love finger foods so much is because some days of the week they’re literally my only meal: crudites with a creamy rich sauce, vegan falafel with tahini and tofu, hummus with pita or freshly baked sourdough bread, chips and salsa with a rich bowl of guac.

They’re delicious, as I’m sure you know, and it’s easy to fill up. Your guests will think so too if you serve them at an event.

These recipes are organic, vegan, and gluten-free.

1. Veggies and Dip (Crudites)  

Top view of appetizers, finger foods, and an array of succulent dips on a decorative tabletop.
Crudites are fun and easy to make.

Crudite platters, i.e., raw veggies with dip, are a go-to for every occasion under the sun.

And a healthy one too!

Assort a rich dip or dips on a platter with a little pizazz — wildflowers, garnish, blueberries, nuts and seeds — then assemble your favorite veggies around the pool.

Here are some ideas:  

Crudite Platter    

  • Broccoli.
  • Cucumbers.
  • Cauliflower.
  • Bell peppers.
  • Snow peas.
  • Jicama.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Celery.
  • Artichokes.
  • Peppers. 
  • Greens.
  • Fermented veggies.
  • Rainbow carrots.
  • Radishes.
  • Bok choy.
  • Purple cabbage.
  • Fresh herbs.

Get dip recipes here.

Black bean dip.

2. Chips and Salsa

Top view of festive organic chips and bowls of chunky homemade salsa displayed by fresh whole tomatoes, peppers, avocados, and sliced lemon.
Chips and salsa are a go-to.

We all know that chips and salsa are perennial, but nothing beats an epic homemade batch with organic stone ground chips.

Add a little guac to the mix and triple the phytonutrients.

Get the recipe here.

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3. Vegan Falafel

Top view of crispy baked falafel balls on a leafy plate with vegan Ranch dip and healthy herbs.
Organic falafel is delicious.

Middle Eastern falafel is a popular plant-based alternative to meat made with chickpeas or fava beans and savory herbs.

Traditionally fried into crispy balls and tucked into pita or served with dip, they’re a gut-healthy, heart-healthy food.

Get the recipe here.

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Falafel mix.


Pita crackers.

Tahini (Falafel Sauce)

Top view of creamy smooth tahini sauce by an overflowing bowl and spoonful of raw organic sesame seeds.
Falafel and tahini are a pair.

Falafel is typically paired with tahini, an ethnic favorite made with sesame seeds and olive oil.

Get the recipe here.

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4. Lettuce Wraps

Tops view of heavily stacked lettuce wraps on a plate with dips, fresh avocado, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, and herbs.
The possibilities are endless with lettuce wraps.

Lettuce wraps are wildly popular and hugely stackable. I use collards, chard, beet greens, mustards, and more.

They’re also infinitely creative when it comes to stuffing, everything from veggies and wild rice to potatoes and tofu.

Get the recipe here. 

5. Sweet Potato Fries

Close-up of succulent sweet potato fries and Ranch topped with green onions and organic chives.
Crispy sweet potato fries are rich.

Sweet potato fries are absolutely delicious, as most folks know. They’re a surefire hit for parties, picnics, barbecues.

Serve with ketchup, Ranch, Thousand Island, spicy dill.

Get the recipe here.

6. Mixed Nuts

Overflowing wooden bowl of delicious mixed nuts on a rustic board with whole walnuts and a nutcracker.
Rock the nuts.

Mixed nut bowls are one of easiest appetizers ever. They’re also one of the healthiest.

In fact when you consider that a single Brazil nut can cap a full day’s worth of selenium—not to mention the whole kit and kaboodle of a bag of mixed nuts—they’re clearly a win.

Rock with tongs and tiny biodegradable cups.

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Mixed nuts.


Compostable cups.

7. Dried Fruit

Spoonful of colorful mixed dried fruit squares spread across a board.
Organic dried fruit are polyphenol-rich.

Like mixed nuts, organic dried fruits are easy. They’re also very rich. One report notes they rock as many or more polyphenols than fresh fruit.

Serve with tongs or chopsticks and tiny biodegradable cups. 

Epic Dried Fruits  

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Compostable cups.


8. Vegan Hummus

Rich and succulent bowl of swirled organic hummus and flatbread on a cutting board—topped with chickpeas, paprika, green onions, and pools of olive oil.
Homemade hummus rocks.

If you’ve never tried your hand at making homemade hummus, you should give it a whirl. It’s incredibly delicious!

It rocks with pita, crudites, chips, crackers, falafel, sourdough bread. And if you love chickpeas as much as I do, it’s a win.  

Get the recipe here.

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Pita crackers.

Food processor.

9. Potato Wedges

Top view of delicious spicy potato wedges on a cutting board plate by Ranch, tahini, salsa, and lava sauce bowls.
Potato wedges are universally adored.

Homemade potato wedges are exceptionally tasty, and especially with dips.  

Top with parsley, rosemary, thyme, garlic, onions, nutritional yeast.

Get the recipe here.

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Lodge baking pan.

10. Vegan Pesto

Open mason jar of succulent vegan pesto by a scoop of pine nuts scattered across a board.
Vegan pesto is yummy.

Homemade vegan pesto is a go-to. It rocks with pita, crudites, chips, crackers, and more.

It’s also a win on buckwheat pizza, pasta, and veggie tofu.    

Overhead of a woman's hand prepping a delicious vegan pesto recipe with basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, and herbs.
Pesto is a favorite.

Get the pesto recipe here.

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Organic olive oil.

Nutritional yeast.

Pine nuts.


Vegan cheese. 

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